Overview of oil for VW car gearboxes

Transmission Oil for Volkswagen Cars

In ETKA you can just pick wines using the original catalogue number of the transmission oil. The last two signs indicate the volume of the canister. A2, S2 corresponds to one liter, A1-0.5 l, A6-20 l bucket

VW Manual Gearbox Oil

G 052 171 A2

Заливалось в шестиступенчатую КПП MQ350 MQ500. В 2015 году заменено на GCN 052 171 Z2 без замены.

G 052 512 A2

Если VAG рекомендует 75W G052512A2, можно заменить синтетическим или полусинтетическим аналогом GL4 вязкостью SAE 75W. Самое недорогое немецкое — Febi и Swag.

G 052 527 A2

For пятиступенчатых коробок Polo, Jetta, New Beetle, Caddy, Eos, Tiguan, Touran, Passat, Transporter, Sharan. Replaced G 052 512 A2.

G 070 726 A2

Заливается в

Jetta 162 five-speed manual transmition LDZ

New Beetle five-speed manual transmition up to 2007

Oil for automatic transmission VW

Volkswagen cars are equipped with five-, six-, seven-speed automatic transmissions. It would seem for the same type of transmissions manufacturer recommends a different oil.

For correct selection, it is advisable to use the original catalog, which decodes the VIN.

G 052 162 A2 1lt G 052 162 A6 20lt

Used in a four-stage automatic transmission


New Beetle 1C with transmittion code FDF FDC FDB FDG FDH

G 052 025 A2

Used in a six-stage automatic transmission

New Beetle 1C six-stage GGZ GHE GHG GYS HFZ HGA HLJ

G 055 025 A2

G 055 990 A2

Used in a five-stage automatic transmission

Bora with code EYM ELD FGA EEE

VW Transfer Case Oil

G 052 162 A2

Amarok with limited slip differential раздатка code LEP up to 22.08.2010

G 052 536 A2

Amarok with limited slip differential раздатка code MTL NHY после 23.08.2010

VW Gearbox Oil

VAG G 052 145 A1

Has a API GL5 specification and 75W-90 viscosity.

You can replace any high-quality synthetics and semi-synthetics oils with the same characteristics.