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Oil for Volkswagen mechanical gearboxes

G 052 171 A2 Transmission oil G 052 171 A2

Used in the six-speed manual transmission MQ350 MQ500 Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat. In 2015 it was replaced with GCN 052 171 Z2.

Without replacement.

Analogs G 052 171 A2

Febi Germany 21829. Made in Germany.

Swag 10 92 1829. Made in Germany.

G 052 171 A2 application

Tiguan (5N2) from 2011 to 28.10.2013 mith MT6 MQ350 LQU LXM NFZ QKP, MQ500 LMW LMU LMV LMX MXB NGF NGH.